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Laser Force Laser Tag

Laser Tag

Get set for the best Star Wars themed Laser Tag Melbourne has ever seen!

Laser Tag is a game where players try to score points by zapping other players and targets around the arena. Everyone wears infrared-sensitive target vests which makes getting zapped a painless experience (physically anyway!).

Think back…

Think back to a time in your childhood when you played games like Cops & Robbers, Tag, Hide & Seek and even Mr. Wolf. Combine that memory with modern day First Person games like Call of Duty, Halo, 007 and Assassin’s Creed.

Then add a dash of Star Wars and a 2.5 Story Maze and you get the best Laser Tag Melbourne has to offer – at 234 Fun Galore!

The Laser Tag arena

Gear up for the most unique Laser Tag Experience Melbourne has ever seen – with our Star Wars themed Laser Force Laser Tag Arena.

The arena boasts a challenging 2.5 story playing field for new, elite and tournament ready players to fight out an exhilarating array of Laser Tag Skirmishes and Objective Missions.

Work by yourself or as a team to complete your mission. Get your free membership and track your progress each time you visit us as you fly up our leaderboard to the top.

Laser Tag Party and Group Packages

We have a great variety of packages for drivers of all levels.

Whether your looking for 5 hours to train in the various games styles as you can handle (the 'Jedi Journey'), a 2 hour unlimited access or single missions against your friends, family, work mates or even your enemies, 234 Fun Galore can add some laser tag excitement to your next event or packages


$10.00 p/p
1 laser mission

$17.00 p/p
2 laser missions

$22.00 p/p
3 laser missions

$25.00 p/p
2 hour special
(minimum of 5 games)

Killer afternoon jumping between go karts and laser tag and the staff are great! Pricing is on point, definitely coming again.
Angus Scott

Friendly staff, great value! The lasertag maze is a generous size well suited for larger groups. My friends and I play atleast once a month. We also enjoy the sumo wrestling.
Andrew Cowper

How To Play Laser Tag


The aim of the game in its most simple form is to zap other players to score points. Bonus points are awarded for destroying devices in the arena such as the Generators and Warbot.

Our two most common Laser Tag games are Teams and Individual, however for more experianced players we have a wide selection of game styles.

Laser Tag Tips

  • Destroy the Generators for big points. Get 3 hits in a row. If you miss on any shot then you must start again. Each person can destroy the Generators once.
  • When you get hit, hide until you are reactivated.
  • Avoid staying in the open – choose somewhere where you have your back covered. (like one of our suspended catwalks)
  • Have another player near you for back up.
  • Be Careful who you trust, enemies are everywhere!

Individual and Team Skirmish

  • 15 Minutes to score as many points a possible
  • Score 110 Point on every successful zap of an opponent
  • Score 801 points for destroying each of the 3 targets
  • Zap the Warbot for 50 points
  • (Team Only) Zap a team mate and loose 50 points BE CAREFUL!

Gladiator Mission

  • Each Player starts with 30 Lives
  • When players are zapped, one life is transferred to the shooter
  • players are disqualified once their lives reach 0
  • Score 110 Point on every successful zap of an opponent
  • Scoring the same as an individual mission
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