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Indoor Go Kart Track

Go Karts

Go Karts

The largest track for indoor Go Karts Melbourne has ever seen!

Ladies and gentlemen start your engines!

Get ready for an experience like no other! With different levels of go karting power, we have a go kart for the whole family

234 Fun Galore: Go Kart Reel

Gokarts and Racing at 234 Fun Galore

Kids, teenagers and the young at heart (adults) come from all corners of Melbourne and beyond for our Go Karting experience:

Our Gokarts are Faster than usual, with one of the Largest indoor tracks in Melbourne. Victoria's First and Only Indoor Gokarting Drift Track and a Team committed to giving you safe and enjoyable Go Kart racing experience that you’ll never forget!

Our Go Kart Tracks

Welcome to 400 metres of pure adrenalin!

Your need for speed will be well and truly be satisfied with our 2 custom-built indoor Go Karts tracks.

We are home to one of the largest indoor tracks in Melbourne, and one of Victoria’s first and only Indoor Go Kart Drifting Track. All under one roof!

Now with an improved drive line and safety barrier system!

Main race track

Once you drive on this track you’ll never go back to a conventional track!

Test your skills with this carefully designed track. This track is the larger of our two tracks. You’ll never get bored as you’ll get to drive through a thrilling series of turns and straight sections right up to our finish line.

How did we get it so right? It’s been adjusted, tested and worked out by a group of professional drivers until we finally found the perfect combination.

Indoor Go Kart Race Track

Custom Built Go Kart Drift Track

This custom built drift go kart track was the first in Victoria - a dream come true for the more experienced drivers and thrill seekers out there.

The combination of tight turns coupled with the slick, newly resurfaced track provide the maximum, and most adrenalin filled drift imaginable.

This track is the smaller of the two tracks with a slim design and much tighter corners. If you’re looking for action, adrenalin and adventure, you’re drifting on the right track here at 234 Fun Galore.

The Fleet

Create a breeze through your hair driving one of our NEW Standard Sodi GT5 Gokarts or our faster Sodi RX7 SuperCar Gokarts on our massive 400 metre indoor race track.

Sounds impressive doesn’t it? Well it is! We like to brag that we have some of  the fastest indoor go karts and one of the largest indoor tracks in Victoria!

From new drivers  through to advanced drivers who can navigate their way around the tightest of bends or the trickiest of turns. There is a Go Kart suited to everyone's comfort, speed and experience.

Every gokart is built with the drivers comfort and experience in mind.

Go Kart FleetWho it’s suited to
Twin Seater Go KartsYoung and new Drivers who are a little nervous
Standard Fleet Go KartsTeens and Adults, Experienced and confident or Everyday casual Drivers looking for fun.
SuperCar Go KartsDrivers who want a lot more action and to feel the power behind them
Drift Go KartsFantastic Go Karts for the more adventurous – Maximum slide with minimum fuss.


05 Minutes - $23.00 Per Person
10 Minutes - $30.00 Per Person
15 Minutes - $42.00 Per Person
20 Minutes - $56.00 Per Person
25 Minutes - $65.00 Per Person
30 Minutes - $72.00 Per Person
60 Minutes - $130.00 Per Person

Laser Tag

Track Maps

Drift Track
Main Track
Fast Go Karting
Go Karting Race
Go Karting

Go Karting Group Packages

We have a great variety of packages for drivers of all levels.

Whether you're looking for 6 hours to do as many 10 minute rides as you can handle; with our War on Wheels Package. The 100 laps (nearly 4km) in a Grand Prix style format like the 'Targa Twin 50's'. or a competitive go kart race with your choice of 5 other activities from Laser Tag, Sumo Wrestling, Dodgem Cars, Bowling, Mini Golf, Bucking Bull, Kelly Pool in the 'Super Round Robin' package.

Conditions of use

All participants must sign the conditions of use form. Note: under 18s need signed permission from parents / guardians who must be with them for the duration of their race.

Save time and download our conditions of use form ahead of your race, event or birthday party. Forms are also available at the venue for completion.

Safety first, Always our Priority

234 Fun Galore is dedicated to the safety of every person on our Gokarting tracks. We have kart shudown systems in place so our track marshals can keep your ride safe at all times. They can stop or slow down any, or all Go Karts on the track at the touch of a button in the event of an incident.

All Gokart drivers must wear a 4-point harness with helmets that meet Australian regulations at all time during their ride.

So please, Buckle up or stay off the track!

Height and Age Requirements

Standard Go Karts  Min. 125 cm & 10 Years or Older 

SuperCar Go Karts  Min. 16 Years or Older

Twin Seater Go Karts – Driver needs to be 18 Years or Older and Passenger under 10 Years

Alcohol and Drug Policy

234 Fun Galore has a zero Alcohol and Drug tolerance policy for all drivers participating in go kart racing.

For your safety, Our Safety and the safety of other participants, Disorderly, Drunk or Drug affected Drivers will not be permitted on our gokarts. 

If you are planning on hosting an event, we ask groups to book an earlier time slot so that you make continue your festivities after your race has concluded.

Clothing Requirements

All Drivers participating in go kart racing must adhere to the following clothing requirements:

Closed in shoes must be worn at all time.

Loose garments, such as Scarves, Skirts, Hooded Jumpers and other loose items must be removed, or if unable to be removed, a jumpsuit can and will be provided.

Gift Vouchers Gift Vouchers

234 Fun Galore Vouchers extend your fun on a range of our attractions.