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Driver Awareness

Driver Awareness and Community Programs

We run an exclusive driver awareness program to enable educators to take the learning our of the classroom and into a practical envirnmnent.

Our in Depth Program and fun program, which includes 2 hours with an instructor and 2 go kart rides, allows students to put their knowledge into to action.

Students follow along with our information booklet that contains information on safety, cornering, speed, alcohol, latest road stats and comparisons from road to controlled environment and provides and open discussion for student to ask questions and get answers.

Driving any type of vehicle or cycle requires the driver to be diligent in their behaviour. We use Go Karts for practical driving, however, it is transferable to other vehicles, although each vehicle has its own set of conditions, as does each surface.

We teach that proper vehicle preparation allows better control and comfort for example, seat position, properly inflated tyres and many more factors which are applicable for all vehicles including go-karts and similar recreational vehicles

In Go-karting and in any other vehicle, alcohol and drugs reduce your overall performance in driving and can have dire effects. The flow-on effect, personally, could be devastating. Awareness in this area, may save devastation to someone in the future. The statistics provided in the course give an excellent indication as to the effects of drink driving and /or drug use in any vehicle, including Go-karts.

This program is ideal for the future users of our roads - those 15 years or above, whether it be in Melbourne, other cities or country areas. It allows experience in proper steering control and pedal pressure to suit conditions, also the ability of handling a vehicle correctly for a smooth performance. Smooth transition of lanes and taking correct driving lines is an integral part of driving on any road. In Go-karting it will allow you to maximise your performance and lap times.

Our driver awareness program is fantastic for school and community groups of 5 to 25 people who want to extend their knowledge of driving.

Get in contact with us today to find out more information or to book in your group.


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